Our last blog was all about what applying toothpaste says about your personality, but we’re not stopping there! There are many more traits people have while brushing their teeth that give us insight into the kind of person they may be! 

At Christiana Dental Spa, not only do we provide compassionate dental care to you and yours, but we still have a little fun while doing it! Join us in the second part as we explore more characteristics that could give us insight into your personality! 

What Your Teeth Brushing Habits Disclose

There are many ways we brush our teeth, and truly, it says a lot! Read below to see which trait you fall into!

The “Foaming At The Mouth” Brusher

This is the brusher that goes all-in and brushes their teeth with heart! Not only do they want a gleaming smile and perfect oral health, but they may quite literally wear it on their sleeve (or shirt, or pants…)! 

This is the kind of brusher that does everything with gusto — the extrovert of the brushing world! So, how do you spot this type of brusher, well really the question is how can you not? If you’ve ever lived with one, one minute you’ll be talking to them normally and the next they’ll pop up with toothpaste everywhere — EVERYWHERE! If you’re lucky, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting one, one day!

The “Ethereal” Brusher

Everyone knows the ethereal brusher! This is the brusher that gets stuck in the moment and then realizes 10 minutes later they only brushed a couple of teeth!

Whether they’re solving the world’s problems or simply are in touch with an alternate universe, brushing teeth for an ethereal brusher is quite the experience! 

The “Adulting” Brusher

The adulting brusher is the type-A personality that bleeds right into their brushing habits! This type of brusher does it all — consistently. They brush morning and night and even floss in the evening too! Who does this? Yes, we may all brush, but flossing, who flosses every.single.day? Only the adulting brusher accomplishes this feat! 

And, watch out, the adulting brusher may even sing a song or have a brushing timer to make sure they’re brushing long enough!

The “Two Birds With One Stone” Brusher

Have you ever met a brusher who doesn’t explicitly keep their routine to the sink and instead take it to the shower? You know, killing two birds with one stone! If you brush your teeth in the shower you’re an efficient wonder who hustles and makes the most of your time!  

This is not the type of brushing where most stand in front of the mirror and defy space and time as they get lost in their day, no, you’re in the shower and brushing your teeth while the conditioner sits — time is maximized!

The “Bougie” Brusher

The bougie brusher is just as it sounds, a little extra! These types of brushers want an experience out of this often mundane routine. This means incorporating an exciting toothpaste such as charcoal or cardamom and rinsing their brush with filtered water (or installing a filter on their bathroom sink). This is often followed by using silk floss or dental lace and ending with oiling pulling.

So, what type of brusher are you and does it properly represent your personality? 

No matter if you’re messy, multitasking, type A, or a little bit bougie, the fact that you make it a point to brush twice daily is only benefiting your oral health and all dentists near and far rejoice in your efforts — bonus points for flossing every day too!  

Whether you need a dental cleaning or are interested in our cosmetic dentistry, reach out today and learn more about what our Newark dental office can do for you!