Can the way you brush your teeth really give insight to your personality? We think so!

We all brush our teeth a little differently, because, after all, it’s what makes us individual and unique, but can it provide insight into our personalities? You be the judge!

At Christian Dental Spa in Newark, we provide a myriad of dental services from basic family dentistry to keep everyone’s smile healthy to cosmetic dentistry to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Have a bit of fun with us today and read more about what your brushing may reveal about your personality.

The Way You Brush Your Teeth (And What It Says About You)

When it comes to brushing our teeth it may go beyond just keeping up with our oral health and expand to our personality, and there a few key characteristics to look for! Ready to dive in?

Applying Toothpaste

There are plenty of nuances when it comes to applying toothpaste — one simply does not just apply toothpaste! So, what do we mean? 

Actually applying toothpaste to the toothbrush…

This is a classic, whoopsie, I forgot the water, mistake. We often do this out of sheer fatigue — new moms, we’re looking at you. What does this say about your personality? Most likely it means you really are exhausted from work or just life in general and you need to take a moment (even if it’s just running some water over your toothbrush) for some self-care! 

If it’s not a mistake, well then, you may just be a psychopath — after all, who brushes their teeth dry?!

The wet-your-toothbrush and then apply toothpaste approach…

This is when someone first runs their toothbrush under the water and then adds toothpaste. What does this indicate? This is stating that you’re uncomplicated and want to keep things simple, and it also gives the impression that the environment matters, hence only rinsing and running the water once. 

The rinse, apply toothpaste, and rinse again method…

This method may imply you’re a little more bougie in your brushing routine — instead of just one step in rinsing your brush, you’re ensuring the water fully spills over and wets your brush to make the most of this experience. 

This is the opposite of just applying toothpaste to a dry brush — this is indulgent and a part of your self-care routine throughout the day. 

What does the way you apply toothpaste reveal about you? 

The next question that you’re probably curious about is, who’s right in their brushing personalities? According to the experts, (Christiana Dental Spa) the order of how you apply toothpaste may not matter when it comes to the health of your teeth! While not applying any water may be irritating to your teeth and gums, the manner in which water is applied may explain more about your personality than it does about your teeth! 

Apart from your toothpaste, there are actually many more defining characteristics that may tell us more about your personality! Stay tuned for part two! 

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